Serving Your Best Interests, Not Our Own

Our idea of the practice of law is not complicated. We do our best to provide our clients with the best quality of practical legal representation as efficiently and as cost effectively as we possibly can. We will serve your interests, not our own. In short, we try to take a problem solving approach to the practice of law.

"The best compliment I remember receiving came from a long-time client who explained to a business associate (and me) why I was his lawyer. 'He’s honest, he tells you what he thinks, and he does what he says he will do.' Simply put, this is how we try to practice law. When a client retains our firm for legal representation, that client deserves to have a clear understanding of what we will do and just as importantly, what we will not do." - Bill Rogers

Thirty years of practice in the Courts of Cabarrus County have taught me many things, but the most valuable is this:

No lawyer can precisely predict the outcome of a case that has yet to be tried.

There are no “crystal balls” in this profession. However:

An experienced lawyer can give you a pretty accurate range of likely outcomes.

It is precisely that information and advice that enables the client to make sound decisions about his or her case.

“Should I compromise and settle, or should I take my case to trial?” This is a decision that must be made at some point in almost every case. Experience and legal knowledge are absolutely essential to any lawyer’s ability to competently advise the client in this regard.



  • Maintain and continue to develop a high level of competence in Social Security Disability and Family Law.
  • Accept only clients whose goals and objectives are consistent not only with applicable legal standards, but also with equitable and ethical considerations (Just because you can do something, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily should).
  • Maintain the strictest confidence with regard to all client communications.
  • Establish and maintain effective client communications.
  • Charge reasonable legal fees for services provided.



  • Accept a case that we are not competent to handle.
  • Make (or imply) promises of outcomes.
  • Fail to give your legal matter the time and attention that it deserves.
  • Take any action, regardless of the client’s direction, which is inconsistent with legal principles or ethical rulings. Simply put, our law licenses are not for rent.

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Ilona H.

“I have been very fortunate to have Bill Rogers as my attorney. Mr. Rogers is extremely professional, knowledgeable, assertive, and tactful. His staff was incredibly skilled and efficient. It made me feel comfortable and confident knowing that I was surrounded by friends. I am extremely grateful for all he has done for me.”

Ilona H.

Karen V.

“His advice regarding the law and how to negotiate with the opposing party was clear and effective, and Bill listened to my daughter’s desires and was understanding as to the direction she wanted to take things – and then provided his thoughts and suggestions. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill Rogers to anyone.”

Karen V.

Leonard S.

“I have known Bill Rogers for over 10 years and his ability to operate both strategically and tactically are the skills and qualities that first come to mind. He can efficiently handle multiple complex tasks and has proved to be an invaluable resource to me. He has represented me in both a divorce and in my business and has been able to overcome many challenges and obstacles to my satisfaction.”

Leonard S.

John P.

“During difficult and uncertain times, Bill navigated our family with confidence and concern. I feel that our family was a top concern for Bill; at every turn he considered all aspects and guided us appropriately. Bill’s professionalism and high moral conduct in court kept my family looking forward to the positive conclusion he provided.”

John P.