How we help you with Child Support

The great majority of Child Support cases can be resolved through application of the Child Support guidelines. Since Child Support cases can be "just a formula" why not just go to the child support office and let the child support collection agent fill out the paperwork?

In Child Support cases, the details become very important. For example, what counts as gross income? How is overtime counted? What is really work-related child care? How do you figure in the orthodontic expenses? Does private school tuition count? What if either parent or the child receives disability benefits?

Before these and other similar questions have to be answered, you'll want to be prepared. We usually charge a flat fee for child support cases. You only pay us once, but child support payments are due every month for years.

Child support is generally defined in the law as the legal duty to support a minor child. As with child custody, parties sometimes enter into agreements regarding child support, and those agreements are often incorporated into Separation and Property Settlement Agreements. In some cases, parent simply agree on an amount that they consider “fair”, however the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, as incorporated into North Carolina General Statute Sec. 50-13.__ provide at least a frame of reference for most people in reaching a determination as to what an appropriate support amount should be.

Adopted in 2002, and revised most recently in January 2011, the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines (“support guidelines”) represent an attempt by the legislature and the N.C. Conference of District Court Judges to establish a consistent and predictable standard for setting child support statewide. The support guidelines are readily accessible online through several sources, and are maintained in “hard copy” in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court. Based upon the “income shares approach”, the guidelines are presumptively applied in child support cases, both at the initial and modification stages.

In cases where the parties’ combined incomes exceed $25,000.00 monthly, or in the unusual case where the Court determines that the support guidelines should not be applied, support is determined by considering the needs of the children, and the parents’ respective abilities to pay child support.

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